Hardwood Flooring Adds a Timeless and Elegant Appearance to your Home

After years of use and abuse, hardwood flooring begins to look dingy and lackluster.  Don't put up with flooring that is less than stellar.  D&D Flooring is known for top-quality, efficient wood floor refinishing.


Old Flooring Will Look New Again!

When you choose our flooring resurfacing contractors, you'll receive superior customer care and fast, attractive refinishing service.  We are pleased to offer free estimates to prospective clients, so you can be certain you're receiving the best deal in town!


Hardwood Floor Refinishing Can:

Restore luster and gleam to tired looking floors

Erase ridges caused by water damage

Eliminate scratches and dings

Return flooring to a like-new finish

Easily change the color for a whole new look

Staircase Refinishing & Refacing System


Sanding and Finishing

D&D Flooring offers traditional stair refinishing in addition to our general floor finishing services.

The resurfacing is similar to the flooring process, if the stairs are made of solid wood. Stairs receive some of the roughest use in your household, with constant up and down traffic. Sanding and refinishing the staircase can revitalize the appearance.  

Staircase Refacing

For a staircase that is unable to be resurfaced in the traditional manner, we offer a staircase refacing option.  Stairs treads made of solid wood are custom fit to go right over your previously carpeted steps.  Our custom overlay system can totally transform the entire look of your stairs.  It can be beautifully finished to match any wood flooring and the cost is a fraction of a new staircase.