Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Today's Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers many innovative design options.   Modern vinyl is durable, economical and incredibly stylish making it a suitable choice for commercial flooring as well as extremely popular in the residential sector.


Realistic Appearance

Luxury Vinyl Plank has the look of real hardwood while Luxury Vinyl Tile mimics the look of natural stone.  It is so realistic that sometimes it is difficult for seasoned professionals to tell the difference.



Luxury vinyl offers many favorable attributes.  The fact that it is waterproof allows for easy installation in areas that previously may have been impossible, such as a basement or a bathroom.

In Demand

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is relatively inexpensive when compared to authentic hardwood and natural stone flooring products.  Because of its availability in a variety of styles and textures, it is easy to understand why demand for vinyl is rapidly increasing.